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Shoulder Treatment

Chiropractic Care

Specific joint manipulations and mobilizations for your improved mobility and reduced pain. We use a variety of techniques talored to your need, preference, and best outcome.

Physical Therapy Session

Physical Therapy

Using exercise as medicine is an important concept at Pure Movement. More importantly, making sure you can do it right. Adding a foundation of strength blended with flexibility is vital to overall health. Our fellowship trained, DPT has all the tools to help to feel your best.

Acupuncture Tools

Dry Needling & Acupuncture

Using monofilament needles, we can provide relief from trigger points, muscle tightness, headaches, and more. We can also follow your chi and release tension and stress.

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Functional Medicine

A comprehensive analysis of your health with the use of blood work, hormones, urinalysis, and more. Creates a nutritional plan, finds recommends supplements, and fixes the root of the disease.

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Hormone Testing

At Pure Movement Integrated Health Center, we don't believe in complacency. You're not tired just because you're a mom and you can't lose weight just because of your thyroid. So let's spend some time and find out why.


Blood Work

Both a cash and insurance option because we believe in affordable health care options for you. Dr. Dani likes to see the whole picture of your health and blood work helps us see deeper.

Back Massage

Soft Tissue Treatment

If the muscles, tendons, and ligaments cross the joint, to move it, why not address those components? We have a variety of soft tissue treatments to compliment Chiropractic care.


Sports Physicals

In a pinch for a physical? Prefer an in depth exam? At Pure Movement, we offer sports physicals for all ages.


Webster Technique

Specialized training for your before conception, during, and after. This technique encompasses all things pregnancy and helps reduce pain during your journey, as well as, reduce labor time and delievery time.

Children Playing

Pediatric Care

Special training for your little ones because learning how to crawl, walk, and jump is hard. Some treatment options can help with sensory issues, fine/gross motor skills, evaluate tongue/lip ties, and more.

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Wellness Care

No ache? No pain? But you want to stay well? We welcome preventative care! Time of service discounts available.

Cat and Dog

Adjustments for Pets

Interested in having a DVM come out once a month for your furry pets? Let us know because we have someone in mind.

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